The Art of Appropriation via @bricartsmedia for #mediamakers

The Art of Appropriation via @bricartsmedia for #mediamakers

It is impossible to have a complete understanding of fair use in 2 hours. What the panel sought to do was empower the audience to appropriate copyrighted works for the use of artistic expression and the freedom of speech. In attendance: Rebecca Cleman, Kenseth Armstead, Kristin Lucas and Brian L. Frye After a super brief […]

“Virtual Reality: The next computing platform” says @tsmall55 #nydnlab

Virtual Reality aka “spherical videos” are the next frontier in immersive storytelling. By placing the viewer in a scene we are now a few notches shy of the Danger Room from X-men or the Holodeck in Star Trek.  

Working with Archive Footage

A growing pool of archive footage is available online as more libraries and institutions are digitizing their collections. It makes me appreciate that I’m editing projects in this day and age.

Motivational Advice for Writers

From Willie Reale and Wes Jones of Showtimes “Billions.” Hosted by the Center of Communications and Made In New York at the School of Visual Arts Theater.

In the professional world, Final Cut X is perceived to be no better than recreational video editor iMovie.

A space to call my own

where I can present and discuss my digital work a timeline or chronicle of my evolution in the production of web content. Even if this site ends up being an endeavor that no one sees but myself, it will still be therapeutic at worst. Which isn’t bad at all.

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