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Discussion on writing and production the Showtime series "Billions"

A discussion on writing and producing the Showtime series “Billions”

From Willie Reale and Wes Jones of Showtimes “Billions.” Hosted by the Center of Communications and Made In New York at the School of Visual Arts Theater.

Willie Reale:

“You have to continually explore and express yourself”

“As soon as you’ve worked through a script, write another one right away. Hurry up!”

“You have to continually explore and express yourself.”

” A writer’s room is like a potluck.”

“Writers are like de facto producers on TV. I was such a faker in the beginning! You pick it up over time.”

“Once you have something discreet that will pop… something good can happen from that.”

Wes Jones:

“Success takes hard work, luck or a combination of the two.”

“I was a 10 year overnight success.”

“Write about known characters from history or current events.”

“Be smart. Read a lot. Know about current events.”

How do you get attention? “Anticipation and willingness to do whatever without hesitation.”

“The position of a PA is a great way to understand the roles on a professional set but it can be limiting… Once you have that experience, move on.”




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