Coping with (data) loss

gopro no SD card

I felt sad like Mr. Newman

I felt sad like Mr. Newman
“The saddest dog in the world” by Christopher Michel

After capturing a hike through the rain forest, a hilarious disaster kayak “adventure” and an ATV ride on my GoPro, I experienced… DATA LOSS. 

Just as with any heartfelt loss, there is a period of grieving. I went through some of Elizabeth Küber-Ross’ stages of grief:

DENIAL “No way, I’m sure my pictures are all there”

ANGER “Why me? My life! Why didn’t I just update and back them up?”

Originally, I was going to talk about my path through grief, from denial to acceptance, but it was during one of my passes through the BARGAINING stage that I came across resources to recover my files. As recommended on a number of

The SDCard slot did not register as an available drive to search

The microSD Card was not recognized as an available drive

discussion boards, I tried using Zero Assumption Recovery software without success, since the computer could not read the memory card AT ALL.

I thought the issue was a corrupt memory card until I saw this video:

Although the mysterio guy is holding an SD card, I found that there are folks who work on microSD cards, and it isn’t easy:

I have requested estimates for data recovery from a few companies. I am expecting a hefty price tag, around $400.

Apparently only 80% of the files can be retrieved in this process. 

I saved this picture before I lost all of my media

I saved this picture before I lost all of my media

Until the day I can afford such a fee, this is the only picture I have from that day. I am dealing with the loss by taking comfort in knowing that there is a chance that the files can be recovered.


The Lesson is prevention! From now on I will do whatever it takes to ensure that my precious files are repeated in a number of places. just as Chris Benson, a software engineer, said in an article by Michelle Rafter for Norton: “…There are two kinds of people, those who’ve had a data loss and those who are about to have one.”

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